Mobile Projector Bike (2019)

Using a solar powered battery custom fit into a Haley Tricycle, with full AV capabilities, we have been experimenting with guerrilla projection, video mapping and collaborating with organizations to host movie screenings and even a live remote radio broadcast from the streets!


“Life is Not Disposable”

BYOP Artist in Residence, Fleisher Art Memorial (2019)

Bring Your Own Project (BYOP) is a creative place-keeping endeavor that puts Fleisher Art Memorial’s spaces, resources, and experience into the hands of community members as a means to tell and preserve their story, identity, and traditions during a time of rapid transformation in South Philadelphia. Over 1 year, I worked with a group of women to facilitate a creative process which led to the development of a 16 foot curtain crocheted from over 60,000 soda tabs. The piece weaves symbols and pieces from compañeras (partners) no longer physically here, but spiritually present. Each woman’s individual story is embedded in the piece, bound by strength, determination, and creative will.


Be Here Wow is an experiment in transmedia meditation. Reaching across the globe, crowd-sourced meditations form a tapestry of voices that highlight our collective interdependence. By breaking meditation practice away from gurus and experts and creating a platform for people to share a spiritual pep talk with one another, we hope to inspire and create new futures together. We will blend light and sound to redefine time and space within an immersive mobile installation. If so inspired, guests are welcome to record their own guided meditations. The project will be available as on online interactive website following the show.

Co-created with Katya Gorker. Debuting September 30, 2017.


img_145247 Stories (November, 2016)

A collaborative multimedia project which drew attention to the 47 Septa bus route as a corridor of immigrant communities. Interviews with riders who live and work along the route informed the design of exterior & interior artwork and a series of audio collages encouraging riders to explore beyond their comfort zone and consider the real and imagined borders in their city.

spaceSoutheast by Southeast Artist in Residence. (2016)

Southeast by Southeast is a  storefront in South Philadelphia that offers a safe and supportive community space for immigrant and refugee families to lean about one another, gain access to important social services, and lend their voices to public art projects.



cannery monthly event flyer_master_general

The Cannery (2015-present)

The Cannery: A Center for Creative Fermentation
Monthly event series

How do we apply creative strategies for survival, resistance and transformation in our lives? Each month a series of artists and cultural producers will present their work in an intimate setting dedicated to supporting conversation and collaboration across creative mediums.



Messages in Motion (2009- 2016)
Messages in Motion (MIM) is a Blue van. It’s a creative process. It’s a model of communication and exchange. During the month of August, MIM will set up a Temporary Media Zone at the corner of n. 6th and Master street. This project will be funded through the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority’s Fund for Art and Civic Engagement (FACE) grant.



Hot Tea

From September 2012- September 2013, I will be participating as part of a creative team, in the Social Practice Lab at the Asian Arts Initiative. We will be working with community members to plan and implement a creative intervention in the Chinatown North neighborhood of Philadelphia. Follow the activities of the HOT TEA tricycle at our tumblr page:


WhatWeSow_final_logo_1 2 From June to October 2013 the Mural Arts Program will host and collaborate with partnering organizations to provide opportunities for the Philadelphia community to explore the world of heirloom foods. What We Sow will culminate on October 5th, 2013 with 70X7 The Meal, act XXXIV, a collaboration between Mural Arts and internationally renowned artists, Lucy + Jorge Orta. Throughout the programming season, I will be producing a series of video vignettes highlighting the themes of this project. The videos and more info can be found on the Mural Arts project page.

LPF_logo_small 2


Love Philly Food
Documentary vignettes of Philadelphia food establishment owners and their stories. Invited content provider for Project Open Voice, Philly In Focus website.



futureplaces_menu_grabPresent Spaces, Future Places  (2012)
This interactive documentary explores the transformation and reclamation of underutilized spaces in Buffalo, NY, through audio and video recordings and mixed media produced with residents of the city It is a collection of observations, interviews, and mixed media gathered from my own explorations, and those I’ve collaborated with during my month-long stay in Buffalo, NY in June, 2012 as an Artist in Residence at Squeaky Wheel.  I’m still working out some technical difficulties with the video on the site- apologies if it loads slowly!


title_grabEl Sol Sale Para Todos  (2011)
A 50-minute documentary chronicling the development, struggles and strength of the Mexican community in South Philadelphia. Produced in collaboration with Leticia Roa Nixon and Carlos Pascual Sanchez.



detour detour_screengrabDetour (2010)
An interactive documentary that seeks to understand the ripples of immigration, through associations and exploration of distinct communities in Philadelphia, PA and Puebla, Mexico. (takes a moment to load- please be patient- it’s worth it!)



The World in My Street: New Urban Imaginaries 2009

The world in my street: New Urban Imaginaries, brings together artistic and critical projects that engage the rapidly evolving social, cultural and political transactions of cities affected by globalization. Website producer

0Our City Our Voices 2007-2009
OCOV is an initiative by Media Mobilizing Project and Juntos (with support from the Knight Foundation) to train immigrants and low income workers in video production, storytelling and community journalism in the city of Philadelphia. Check out the first round of videos online.



Open Neighborhoods 2007-2008
A media production curriculum that explores the ways in which messages and meanings are embedded in the everyday landscape of our lives.

Cross/Walks: Weaving Fabric Row 2007
This is a collaborative project I have worked on at Temple with my class, “New Media/Neighborhood Narratives” taught by Hana Iverson. It is a multimedia show that will include a video/photography/sound installation in a gallery space, as well as an onsite cell phone component with questions, stories, musings– all of which investigate the history and character of “Fabric Row”/ 4th Street in South Philadelphia.

On the Left Track 2007
New business venture in which I will offer my services as lifecoach to those seeking increased social and political engagement in their lives. Check out the website for an overview of our services… Also the home of Left Track TV, the cultural affairs programming wing of On the Left Track.

Security (2005, 77 mins) Producer, Editor.
A remarkable collaboration between renegade filmmaker Rob Nilsson and a group of UC Berkeley students, this bold and challenging work looks at political and personal vulnerability in dangerous