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I picked up this book at Powells in Portland: The staff pick said it was written by smart people and filled with practical advice. I’ll agree.  Although I’m a little skeptical of the parent company Behance, which is a promotional company, owned by Adobe.  That said, there were lots of nuggets of good advice- not earth shattering, but obvious:

1. Do your creative a work a little EVERY Day. Create a small routine out of it. Even if you’re not feeling like it. Fill up 3 pages with writing, free write, just to keep the ideas flowing and connecting.

2. Do your best work in the morning (or when you’re most alert, not tired from the day).

3. Work in uninterrupted bursts of 30 mins, up to 90 mins, then reward yourself and switch gears.

and on and on…

I’m trying it.

Every morning, 8-8:30 more or less, sitting down with my cup of slowly brewed coffee, swirled with evaporated milk, I’ll be writing, working on moving ideas and projects forward.

Wish me luck.